Tuscania Dalat Villa

Địa điểm : Tuyen Lam lake, Dalat city, Lamdong Provine, Vietnam
Dịch vụ : Architecture design
Chức năng : Resort villa
Khách hàng : Mr An
Diện tích sàn : 200
Diện tích khu đất : 500
Năm : 2021

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modern tuscania villa Architecture

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Tuscania villa by modern style

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Located at Tuyen Lam Lake, Tuscania Dalat Villa is a resort villa with a unique design, include interwoven arrays of wood – stone – glass materials.
The materials are arranged in harmony, and the block of Villa is divided to shape like sculptural blocks.
The architecture of the villa is modern but not too picky, keeping in harmony with the surrounding forest.
Large glass panels are make the maximize view to the lake. Combined with the back of the house and natural split stone panels to increase the contrast of materials and Facades.
The upper floor of the Villa has a large courtyard for sightseeing and outdoor snacks.

Da Lat is known as a resort destination, with a cool climate all year round, relatively heavy rainfall.
Therefore, it is necessary to create an architectural shape with a sloping roof to easily drain rainwater. In addition, the rooms are arranged to face Tuyen Lam Lake to make the most of the scenery. Wood-stone cladding materials are also local and easy to find.

The use of the hillside as the entrance and the background enhances the architectural image of Tuscania Dalat Villa.
The landscape of pine forests and shrubs along the paths carries the concept of Western Europe.
A modern villa architecture with a Tuscan breath is nestled in the middle of a dreamy Dalat forest.

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Tuscania dalat villa | Design by CEEB Architects is modern architecture with unique design suitable with local weather in Dalat.

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