The Importance of Architectural Design Brief:

  • This is an important step that investors need to pay attention to so that the design process meets their needs.
  • For CEEB, this is a very important step and cannot be overlooked.
  • CEEB experts will work with the investor to establish and finalize the design tasks for the project.
  • Identify core customer needs, main requirements, and additional ancillary requirements…
  • Correct and clear orientation makes the design process more effective. Avoid adjustments and issues at later stages, causing unnecessary waste and prolongation of the project.
  • This stage also helps designers and customers understand each other and orient a product that is most suitable for the investor and has high use value.

Content of the Architectural Design Brief:

  • Overview of construction project.
  • Legal and planning requirements.
  • Necessary requirements/needs from investors.
  • Orientation/expectations about the project.
  • Other information if any.

Details about The construction Project Design Brief are here:

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