Buon Me modern resort Villa

Location : Buôn Tara lake, Buôn Mê Thuột city, Daklak provine, Vietnam
Services : Architecture & interior design
Functionality : modern resort villa
Client : Mr. Huân
Floor Area :
Land Area :
Year : 2019

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Garden of modern resort Villa design with pool

Buon Me modern resort villa with pool.

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modern resort Villa bedroom interior design

bed room of modern resort Villa interior design

The project is located at Buon Tara Lake – Buon Ma Thuot, within the closed weekend resort. The land has a direct view of the lake, surrounded by hills and fields.
The garden villa is designed with a living room and dining room overlooking the pool. Also, the villa has a simple modern architecture with a tile roof and large light apertures of windows.
The wide veranda creates a buffer between the house and the swimming pool as well as the surrounding garden.

The interior is designed in a modern rustic style with light wood and light-painted walls.
Materials are also selected with a simple design of Asian features.
Decorative lines are not too picky but cozy and close, creating a feeling of relaxation.

The floor of the Tara resort villa is designed with many free surfaces, opening a view to the garden.
The house’s main side faces the pool through the front porch. The large veranda covers both the sun and rain and helps to transform the space into a place for sightseeing
The two bedrooms are connected through a lobby with a small courtyard with green trees, the windows are arranged to ensure ventilation and link to the surrounding garden.

The living and dining spaces connect seamlessly in an open space facing the pool.
Equipment and facilities are conveniently arranged to meet the needs of users.
The overall architecture of Buon Me Resort Villas is not too special and outstanding but creates harmony with the garden landscape.
Low-tiled roofs are combined with simple architectural methods. The swimming pool is attached to the porch.

The architects of the modern performance architecture design company CEEB have cleverly put into the design rustic wood and close gentle garden space, bringing the breath of Buon Ma Thuot resort space.

modern resort villa layout floor plan

Buon Me modern resort Villa is located at Buon Me Thuot city, Tay Nguyen highland of VietNam.
A garden villa architecture design with modern style.

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Tara garden villa | modern resort villa design by CEEB Architects is modern architecture with unique design suitable with local weather in Vietnam.

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