Boston Apartments

Địa điểm : 530 Dudley St. Boston, MA 02119
Dịch vụ : Architecture concept design
Chức năng : Low-rise Apartment building
Khách hàng : Private
Diện tích sàn : 840 m2 (9040 sq ft)
Diện tích khu đất : 997 m2 (10730 sq ft)
Năm : 2019

Mặt bằng thiết kế chung cư boston

Mặt bằng thiết kế chung cư boston


Vị trí Thiết kế kiến trúc chung cư BostonMặt bằng thiết kế chung cư boston

Mặt bằng Thiết kế kiến trúc chung cư Boston

The project location is in Boston, an old city with unique architecture.
The investor’s expectation when he wants to develop a low-rise apartment complex to maximize the floor area, but it is necessary to ensure ventilation and comfort for residents.

Therefore, the design solution combines modern architecture and classic colors of red brick, in harmony with the context of old houses in the same neighborhood in Boston.
The balconies are beveled to both shape and take a nice view from the inside out.

Boston low-rise apartment building is a project that is expected to be a young and dynamic new residential area.
With a small and medium-sized apartment, designed to the maximum in terms of function and suitable for the scale of use.
The design cleverly addresses the needs and costs of the owner in a reasonable way to attract young families.

In addition, the apartment complex also provides convenient services, shops and shopping area on the ground floor.
Better connection to the surrounding infrastructure and residential area by separating the entrance from Burrell St.
The exterior architecture has a strong personality style, but it is also in harmony with the architecture and specific context of Boston.
Bring a breath that is both modern and close.

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Boston Apartment building | Design by CEEB Architects is modern architecture with unique design suitable with local weather in Boston.

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