CEEB Vietnam architecture firm is heading toward exquisite modern design, which has both clients’ characters and appropriateness with their living values.

– Thuy Pham | Head of design –


Functionality is the core element of architectural space.
However, the cost and operational efficiency of the space creates greater value for the architectural space.
At CEEB Vietnam architecture firm, we not only bring living values into the space, but also optimize architectural performance in each design.
Design for optimize the investment.


Architecture is always a story,
A building is a “living” entity that affects our living environment.
We eat-play-sleep-relax in the heart of that space. It is up to the quality of the comfort to enjoy or just endure it.
And then all are recorded into life as an integral part of your life, a place in the origin culture.
Let’s start your story with CEEB Vietnam architecture firm !



    • At this initial stage, CEEB Vietnam Architects receive input/primary information of the project. CEEB can assess its feasibility if required.
    • Research the functions of the architecture with investors and investment consulting units. CEEB will propose the orientation of project implementation. 
    • The level of impact resulting from the design of the business operation, cash flow as well as activities of the investor.
    • Survey the current status, environmental factors and the surrounding context of the construction.
    • Identify potential problems affecting the project.
    • Design orientation. The efficiency & performance architecture can bring.

    Set up and finalize the design brief of the project

    With CEEB Vietnam Architects, this step is essential for the project success.
    It helps to identify clients’ demands and other main and supporting requirements.

    Contribute to the effectiveness of the design planning, avoiding incurred adjustments in next phases which result in higher cost and waste of time.
    This phase also strengthens the understanding between architects and clients. As a result, architects can develop suitable and worth-using products for clients.

    The Importance of Architectural Design Brief:

    • This is an important step that investors need to pay attention to so that the design process meets their needs.
    • For CEEB, this is a very important step and cannot be overlooked.
    • CEEB experts will work with the investor to establish and finalize the design tasks for the project.
    • Identify core customer needs, main requirements, and additional ancillary requirements…
    • Correct and clear orientation makes the design process more effective. Avoid adjustments and issues at later stages, causing unnecessary waste and prolongation of the project.
    • This stage also helps designers and customers understand each other and orient a product that is most suitable for the investor and has high use value.

    Content of the Architectural Design Brief:

    • Overview of construction project.
    • Legal and planning requirements.
    • Necessary requirements/needs from investors.
    • Orientation/expectations about the project.
    • Other information if any.

    Details about The construction Project Design Brief are here:


    • Every Idea at CEEB Vietnam Architects is respected and carefully considered before being incorporated into the design.
    • The concept design process was considered to match the previous design tasks and create better living values for the space and users.
    • Compare factors which can affect the project to optimize design performance.


    • Technical factors help the design more practical.
      Ideas will not be realistic if they are separated from technology.
    • After the idea is approved, it will be developed to basic and technical design.
    • Guarantee requirements and standards.
    • Synchronously combined with technical infrastructure design, structural design and electrical and water system design, and cost estimate.
    • Supplement other specialized subjects (if any) to ensure building physics elements such as sound insulation, noise resistance, temperature resistance and natural ventilation, sunshade and light optimization.


    • With CEEB Vietnam Architects, designing an outstanding perspective is not the core value of architecture.
    • What architects consider is control the concept to achieve aesthetic effect of the construction and reduce maintenance costs of the use process.
    • Therefore, the construction documents at CEEB are designed in detail, considering the optimal construction solution, ease of maintenance, and increase the life of components and structures.


    • After the designing phase, the project needs to be optimized by the combination of project management, performance optimization, investment cost reduction, avoiding waste and loss.
    • Breakdown the workload to prepare bidding documents making detailed construction estimates on the basis of current construction market prices.
    • Divide construction phases and reasonable investment flows.
    • Not only focus on luxurious and sophisticated designs.
    • CEEB Vietnam Architects is constantly transforming designs to match actual construction capabilities.
    • We create values by accompanying customers to realize designs in the most optimal way.


    • The sense of responsibility is always emphasized at CEEB.
    • Behind a design. Constructing a project with aesthetic value and quality commensurate with the optimal allowable cost is not easy.
    • For large projects, they have a Project Management Board to operate.
    • But for small and medium projects, this is almost a challenge and construction battle.
    • From the quality of materials, construction techniques, construction quality, efficiency when operating & maintaining the project, costs incurred…
    • Therefore, the design value that CEEB brings is not only a standard design for construction but also the companionship of the CEEB project architect throughout the construction process to solve problems at the construction site.


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